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Are reservations required?

What is your cancellation policy?

What type of payment do you accept?

Where can I pick up the cruise tickets?

Is there parking close to the ship?

What is boarding time and what is cruising time?

Can I guarantee a window seat?

Can you tell me a little bit about the Celebration Belle?

What is your smoking policy?

Do you sail in inclement weather?

How is seating arranged on board?

Will I get seasick?

Will my cell phone work on the cruise?

Do you offer packages to make my cruise extra-special?

Is the ship handicap accessible?

What size groups can the Celebration Belle accommodate?

How can I purchase gift certificates?

Are dogs allowed on your boats?

How do I get to the ship?

What kind of dance music do you play?

Where will the Celebration Belle cruise?

Does the Coast Guard certify the Celebration Belle?

Are there discounts for children?

What are the age requirements for children?

What is the dress code on the Celebration Belle?

Can we bring our own alcohol?